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Blue Moon Weaver
Shamanic Hypnotherapy &
Holistic Life Coach

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The Shamanic Hypnotist & Holistic Life Coach

  Blue Moon Weaver is designed around the concept of tending to the spiritual, emotional, and physio-philosophical needs of all who come to us, living and otherwise. Our hope is to provide education, guidance and hands on care for each individual client, so they can challenge what has been holding them back; therefore, providing them with the ability to face their shadow selves as they move through their own personal crossroads, giving them confidence and strength to overcome future challenges.

I utilize my training with Banyan 5th Path® Hypnotherapy Methodology & Jin Shin Jyutsu providing a strong base for a fully in-depth mind, body, soul, comprehensive Shamanic based life coaching experience. This aids my clients in getting through current challenges and projects by helping change past behaviors. Together we can open the door to your journey of self recovery and advancement on your path to being a more complete and stronger you. 


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   As a Shamanic Sherpa and Hypnotherapist, it is my duty to aid you &  guide you on this path to a higher knowing of your true self & to  help you through the healing process so you can get there stronger,  wiser, & more confident.