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It began with one, a single heart beat shared between the edges of shadow and light. A single heartbeat that would ignite the flight of stars and the beings born to guard them.

Goblin Queen


To rule absolutely, piously, righteously. Providing peace at the cost of freedom or to create freedom through the loss of perceived peace. Will either side give or will it take far more than death to make life a priority.

Mercia Reborn


To create, to destroy, to only desire to make home a reality, no matter the cost. If only I had known then how great the costs would be.

Blood Moon Wars


Ragnarok was more than just the end of the Gods, It was the beginning of the end for everyone.

The Blood Raven


"Why do you insist on always wearing a mask?" His hoarse voice barely audible. 

Her sigh, muffled by the fog around them, became a whisper as she looked into the last glimmer of light in his eyes as she revealed  her truth to him, "Because people want to see the face of someone they love when death takes their hand and I forgot what my face looks like while wearing all of those other ones."

Trinity Trilogy


"What once was done, I now undo"


Web Walker Chronicles

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These novels have been in my head since the 4th grade. Memory after memory finding its way back through me and onto paper. It's almost been published twice, the short stories have been used as inspiration for fan art, and now, after years of hiding it away, I am working with a writing coach and editor to make sure I bring you the most intricate, fascinating, mesmerizing, and thrilling story to hit the shelves in years. Lets do this together and bring Book One, Jynysus, to the shelves Before Dec 2019.

The Web Walker Chronicles

Working with past lives and the paranormal, it's only rational that I would  be curious about my own path and past journeys. As a result I have been writing bits and pieces of these past lives their role in the creation of the history and mythology we know and don't know and their place in accordance to the beginning of it all. Join the guardians and gods of old as they share the story and history of the web that binds us all.

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