Vendor Registration


Hello! And Thank you for choosing to be a vendor at the Blue Moon All Souls  Festival! We are excited to have you with us and look forward to working with you to make this event one the public will truly remember and look forward to coming back to year after year. 

Blue Moon All Souls Festival is all about bringing together the paranormal and metaphysical. So that pagans, experiencers, seers, and even science can mingle and share their stories and grow from each other. We truly want to celebrate the place where these circle merry meet and overlay. And to help encourage that, we are looking to you! Our future vendors, exhibitors, artists, healers, and psychics to bridge this gap and make everyone who enters our convention halls feel like what they need is right there at their finger tips. And to make sure this happens in the most efficient way possible we will be doing a few things that we hope benefits our vendors and guests in the most positive way possible. First off, we will be vetting out vendors to make sure their goods, services, and message is compatible and enriching to our event. Second, we will be offering early bird specials and payment options for those selected to be part of the event. Next, we will be trying our best to accommodate our vendor’s needs by offering you the opportunity to select your top 3 booth spots so that we can make sure you are where you feel comfortable and yet give the organizers room to put you in an optimal location. And finally, we are offering early load in, publicity, activities and events to help draw the crowds in so that you and our guests get the most out of this event and look forward to coming back next year!

So be sure to fill out the forms completely, include your best pictures and information so we can really promote you and the event, and i you desire, be sure to sign up for an ad space in the Event Schedule/Flyer to help make sure that guests who do come can still find you after the doors close.

Thank you again and welcome!

~A. Skeeter Welhouse

Event Organizer


Right Now Vendors, Be sure to take advantage of our Early Bird special with 25% off your booth fee and help make it more affordable using our payment options!

Register Online Here

We Want This To Be A Successful Show for You and Us

Facebook : We all use it, so let's Utilize it!


We will be posting on Facebook everything that happens building up too the big event! Including announcements of speakers, vendors, activities, performers, and special guests! And You, The Vendors will be made co-hosts so that you can help spread the word to your followers and friends so that they know where to find you and get them excited to come!

Face to Face: Guess What? I'm Coming To You!


I'll be going to live events affiliated with the paranormal and metaphysical to help bang the gong and make some noise! We can't wait to meet you and get you signed up as a guest, vendor, speaker, or volunteer!

Don't Forget Instagram, Tumbler & Twitter


Are you doing something special for the event? Are you making a one of a kind product just for this? Wanna show the world your beautiful face and business? The post it and tag us! Let's make sure the universe knows whats happening here in Tacoma, October 4-6, 2019

Radio (In Progress)


in the few months leading up to the event we hope to make some noise, literally! Will update you as this progresses

And of Course, You


Get out your pots and pans and start singing it to the world! YOUR GOING TO THE BLUE MOON ALL SOULS FESTIVAL & HECATE BALL!

Taking it to the Press!


Be it local papers, flyers, our schedules, or all other maters of getting it out there! Seriously folks, we're aiming to make this the biggest paranormal/pagan event Tacoma has ever seen!


Once at the Event:

How We are Keeping them There & Keep The Coming Back Day after Day

Amazing Speakers & Special Presentations

Live Music & Performers


There are 4, yes 4 amazing restaurants on site and we will have a little snack bar going on the 4th floor, these people will have no need to leave when they can spend the day and "Night" with us!

Hecate Ball

This is an amazing after hours shopping and celebration event happening after hours for our 21 and over crowd with libations available at the restaurant on the 2nd floor!

Blood Awesome Vendors!!!!!

Of course I save the best for last! We are vetting this show to make sure we have some of the most amazing, unique and talented vendors Tacoma has ever seen! Can you say early Christmas shopping! Let's make this event the new Black Friday!