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Past Life Regression

Using Hypnosis and Intuitive guidance, explore your past live, your soul mission and reconnect with who you were in the between place of this life and your last life.

Home/Business Cleansing & Blessings

 Working with the Paranormal and Spirit for Over 20 years privately and nearly 9 years professionally, Skeeter enjoys the opportunity to bring peace and comfort to home through ritual and blessings meant to bring peace to the home and the family within. 

Soul Retrieval

Reclaim What Was Yours Once Again and Heal yourself mind, body and soul. This service is a mix of hypnosis, hands on healing and spirit work.

Meeting at the Crossroads

 An In Depth & Intuitive Life Coach Session  Designed to Open & Heal Past Wounds so as to Open Future Opportunities & Realign You with Your True Highest Soul Purpose. 

Spirit Guide and Animal Connection

Through trance and guided meditation, travel above or below to meet your spirit guide and connect with them to find out more about your path and what they are here to help you with on your journey.

Necromancer and Death Doula


Creating a Voice for the Dying and the Dead while providing Comfort and Healing For the Living.

This is the road I walk, the calling I answered...

Since i was a little I have traveled about, listening and watching those around me, living and otherwise. Through various teachers, studies, and practices I have slowly collected experiences, lessons and knowledge and have honed it into a working form of Shamanism that respect my teachers, my guides and spirit. I see no experience wasted and the older I get the more grateful I am for my trials and tribulations as they have honed me into the healer I am today.

As a Shamanic Sherpa it is my duty and privileged to guide and aid you through your life's journey as you challenge your old way of living and thinking in order to discover and embrace your true souls calling.  Through discussions with spirit, various forms of healing, exercises to challenge you and grow your commitment to self, and other traditional and non-traditional methods, together, you and I will find the true you, with spirits help, and get you back on path. Be you living or be you dead, I promise I will do my best to make sure you are not left behind.