Blue Moon Weaver

Blue Moon Weaver
Shamanic Hypnotherapy &
Holistic Life Coach

Your Journey through the Crossroads Begins Here

Welcome! Now Let's Begin.


Congratulations! Your here and are ready for change to occur! The fact that you made it this far shows that you're ready to make progress towards your goals and raising yourself up to your next highest level. 

Get the Tools and Guidance You Need to Achieve Your Goals


Yes, your here to let go of the pain, or to ease your anxiety, or to build your confidence, or some other life changing goal that you feel is key to your personal and mental freedom. But what you will be doing with me will create a lasting ripple effect in your life and I want you leaving here with the confidence to keep that ripple going and the tools to go with that confidence.

You're Here To Heal and Grow


Why are you here and what are your goals. Let me help you get the results you want as quickly and effectively as possible. Quick is good but long-term is better. Beside this is just the first in many steps in reclaiming your true self.

Your Tools


Forgiveness Therapy

This doesn't just get to the root of the project, it gets to the SEED of it, where it all began, and gives YOU the power to go back to where you first strayed onto the scenic route of your path. This gives YOU the power to begin forgiving and repairing the major issues occupying your thoughts and distracting you from moving forward peacefully and in full control of your life. This is the beginning to mastering self through forgiveness.


Age Regression & Memory Retrieval

You know it's there! That partial clip of a memory a thought, an image, a sound bite into the past that signifies an event you know is important, that you know could answer so many questions if only you could recall it in more detail. Trust yourself and release those things holding you back as you review this memory from a third person perspective allowing yourself not just to fully take it in, but to get the answers you need for better peace of mind.


Past Life Exploration

What Karma are you carrying over from the past? Was  there a lesson in another life you didn't get the chance to complete. Are you feeling out of sync with the world around you, as if you weren't born for this time period and it's only getting in the way of what you need to do in the now? Take a trip through your genetic and subconscious memory to lives beyond this one. Discover the who, what, when, where, and most importantly, the why of who you were, are, and soon will be.

The Benefits You Are Giving Yourself on This Journey


A Stronger Sense of Self & Knowing Who You Are

There is a lot to be said for knowing who you are and being able to reconnect with the you that existed before the world said you should be otherwise. When you know who you are you know what you are meant to do, the things you do are the things you love and enjoy and you find yourself smiling more and more as you get in the groove of being you. Most importantly, when you know who you are, it doesn't matter what other people have to say about it or you anymore, freeing you to just be.


More Confidence in Yourself, Your Path, & Where You Are Going Next

"I'm Wood! I'm Good! Get Over It!" Wise word's from Pinocchio in Broadways version of Shrek. Once you get past the "if only" and "what if" you will begin to see that who you are is enough and wonderfully powerful in your own right. Also, anything you do to improve yourself isn't so that you "can do", but because change is good and anything that makes you stronger, wiser, and better is just icing on that fabulous cake that is already you. so say it one, say it twice. "I'm Wood! I'm Good! Get Over It!"


Peace With What Was & Excitement For What Will Be

Let that rat race in your head take a break, allow your thoughts to quiet, and breath out as the anxiety and stress of surviving is replaced with the drive to thrive. To often you get so stuck trying to make ends meet, you forget to take stock of what you have, how far you have come, and the person you have grown to be. This journey through the crossroads forces that long look in the mirror so that you can see that you, you are now and that you have finally made it, meaning there is no longer a need to survive, but freedom to thrive. And that freedom brings with it a clearer more focused mind, a sense of self accomplishment, and a desire to do more than what you have, not for a paycheck, but because its time to grow into what you love and to grow that love into a passion that will fuel all the things you need. All it takes is that first step.

This Isn't Just Hypnosis, This is Your Journey To Self Mastery

As a Shamanic Sherpa and Hypnotherapist, it is my duty to aid you and guide you on this path to a higher knowing of your true self and to help you through the healing process so you can get there stronger, wiser, and more confident about who you are and where your going.  This may be your journey, but you no longer have to do it alone.


Hypnotherapy is a Process

"It's You and Me Kid"


Admit it! Your here because you need to see results now and nothing else has given you that yet. So let's sit down together, focus on your goals and changes needed to reach those goals, and discuss the best way for you to accept those changes and to make them happen for yourself.

"Emptying the Cup"


Before you even come into my office I will be supplying you the tools to make this the most successful experience possible. And once your in the office, I will be giving you the option to utilize even more tools, on the very first day, to help clear out the old so you can better receive the new.



On this journey together, you will be revisiting the past, particularly the places where the challenges you are facing now, were born with the intent of looking at them through your corrected lenses. Would things have been the same then if you knew then what you no now? Or is there something that needs to change?

"Refilling the Cup"


This is the exciting part, so I don't want to ruin it, but just know, what you and I discussed in the beginning has come full circle now and those ripples for change are going strong. 

Going Forward


Now every case is different, some of you will only need me a few times, while some of you may need a little extra time and support. Whatever the case, the goal in the end is to make sure you have all you need to move forward and to continue on your new higher path.

A Quick Look at Hypnosis and the Mind

The Mediator and Protector of the Minds

Tucked away within the minds is a little mediator called the Critical Factor. For you the client, just know this is the guy watching out for you. His job is to sort through all the information flowing in and then reviews it for consideration. Working with him is critical in changing behavior, because we have to let him know that it's okay, and better for the whole, to let go of old and unproductive thought patterns, so that new ones can take root and make things better for your whole, higher self.

Top 6 Misconceptions About Hypnotherapy

Will I Remember What Happened?

Because you are an active participant before, during, and after the hypnotic session, you have no choice but to remember the whole ordeal. That's how hypnosis works, you remember, so your subconscious and conscious mind can work out the kinks and help you move forward.

Do I Get to Sleep Through It?

Sorry to say, but while hypnosis can be very relaxing and allow the mind a bit of a rest in most situations, this is not a nap. Your participation in the process is to valuable to be  without. So suffice it to say, you'll be staying awake for the whole thing.

Are You Going to Make Me Bark Like a Dog?

There is a rather large professional difference between Hollywood, stage hypnosis and what we will be doing in my office. The goal in my office is for you to grow and heal and to become who you were truly meant to be. And unless you were truly meant to be a cocker spaniel, there is no barking.

What About False Memories?

While this is a respectable consideration, the goal is to allow you to see your memories from your perspective, to validate what really was, and to make right any erroneous misunderstandings. My job in this process is not to lead you, but to be there for you as you ask yourself  what was and wasn't. No false memories or implanted thoughts, just you and your memories looking at things through your older and wiser eyes.

Can You Just Make It Go Away?

As much as I wish I could just make it go away, whatever 'it' is, I'm afraid I can't. Hypnosis isn't about magically erasing memories or reprogramming the brain. It is about opening communication between your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind and giving you all the tools possible to make long tern and long lasting changes for your higher good. No wand required.

Are You Brainwashing Me?

While hypnotic suggestion has been made into a thing of brainwashing, thanks to Hollywood and Fiction, the process your going to be doing in my office requires no soap and leaves you as you, just wiser and stronger for the wear.

Hypnosis on the Go and Abroad

Hypnosis via Zoom

Hypnosis does not have to be in my office. All the required exercises, activities, and results can be accomplished over video chat just as easily if not more efficiently than if you were in my office. But, you must have access to a private and comfortable location with internet where you can be alone and without distraction for the duration of our appointments. You must be savvy enough to know how to access the video chat, to angel the camera, and you must promise not to multi-task while online with me.

Are You Computer Savvy?

For those seeking hypnosis from the comfort of home, I am more than happy to oblige. However, there are some serious requirements tied to this service, both on my part and yours, if you are willing to commit yourself, your time, and resources. Then contact me for your initial free 30 minute consultation.

Dedication and Respect

Doing Online Hypnosis takes more dedication than a traditional office meeting. In my office the conditions are naturally controlled to promote the most prosperous interaction possible. For online sessions it is your duty to make sure your environment is as close to optimal as possible by making sure your computer and environment are fully ready by the time our appointment time arrives. Your dedication to the changes your seeking will be well worth it.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

The Journey to Self Discipline & Self Mastery

Is best described as a process of emptying and filling your souls cup though a series of verbal mudras repeated during a state of self hypnosis. This spiritual experience connects you with your personal "Delta" who will help guide you on this wonderfully personal and revealing journey.

This one of a kind self hypnosis method is unique unto itself as it relies on a total mind, body and spirit method of connection with per-designed growth invoking intentions that grow you as advance through them one by one. 

Learn It, Live it, and Love Yourself

Learn this technique one on one via zoom or other online line methods. Or, better yet, come meet in person though one of Skeeter's in person classes. Just follow the link bellow and sign up today!