The "Swiss-Army Knife" of Psychic Mediums


Your Story is in my hands. Through touch alone I am able to provide you with much needed guidance, healing, and answers that may not be readily available through other psychic means. The intimacy of touch opens the seer to what the seeker needs most.

Astral Projection

Traversing beyond the limitations of physical time and space and allowing the mind to travel free of the body. Astral projection is a tool used for long distance issues, looking into the past, and discovering things only the third eye is capable of.


It's a buffet of sensory delight, if spirits there, they have a way to make contact either through Claircognizance (clear knowing), clairvoyance  (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing),  clairgustance (clear tasting),  clairempathy (clear emotion), Clairscent          (clear smelling), and clairsentience (clear  feeling). 


Psychic Medium Reading

When The Necromancer & The Shaman Connect With Your Guides

As a reader, I find allowing spirit to step in and take charge completely the best course of action when traversing the web.  Having said as much, it is my honor and privileged to have you sit before me as I channel your guides and their message for you through a collection of cards and spirited narrative. But be warned, this is not a fluffy bunny read and the intent is not to tell you what you want to hear. When you sit at the crossroads with me, your life is laid out before you for the purpose of healing, awakening, and getting you on the course that will lead you to your highest good. But be forewarned, I can hand you the map, but you have human free will and what you do with what I give you is on you.

Experience It For Yourself

 Your guides hold ALL the cards! Allow them to share with you what you need to  navigate this life, to heal old wounds, and to fee yourself to live your life's highest soul purpose. 

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Absolutely awesome exchange, reading, and sharing of profound information, many thanks
~ Susan Lynne Schwenger #the13thBridge

The  reading I got was definitely spot on and enlightening. Skeeter is very  accurate and there are no doubts she had a clear connection with the  other side. I highly recommend her.
~Seth Michael

You are simply the best! I can't thank you enough for all you did for me.

~Tina Marie

I  have the wonderful opportunity to be with Skeeter in a wise women  mastermind group. When I met her in person at an event for the group, I  immediately felt a connection with her. Being an empath myself, I saw  her as an ascended master, someone who has walked the walk. She has deep  knowledge and shares what she knows in a loving, but very honest and  straight-forward way. You can be confident that Skeeter will guide you  and tell you the truth. Get ready to accept what spirit has to say and  learn! 

~Paula Nuspl  

Skeeter  was awesome! I had a reading with her on Sunday. It was the best one  I’ve had in a long time. Very insightful and helped me a lot . She also  helped me get closer to my spirit quidditch. I will be back for more  readings with her! ~Kelly Martin

This woman rocks! Period. Kindness and strength in powerful readings.
~ Sandra Quenon

I think she is the best there is actually. I just love her!!!
~ Annie Wofford

The Necromancer & The Exorcist

The Necromancer

When I was very tiny, I saw my first full bodied apparition as she tended to me after a major surgery, while no one was able to confirm her existence and told me there was no way she could have been there. I remembered vividly her warm hand upon my back and the way she looked. As an adult, looking to make sense of the nonsense I went back to the hospital looking for photos of old nurses until I found her face. It was there amongst the nurses who treated Tuberculosis patients coming in by train to take advantage of the sun and dry air, well before my birth. She was only the first as I became more and more entrenched in a world where I could see the dead and the living, side by side. My gifts have now lead me to be an advocate for the dead. Allowing them their final peace, to connect to the living for support and comfort, and as their gateway between this world and the next.

The Exorcist

In my life I have come to many crossroads where I had to help spirit in order to help myself. From learning to be "the hallow bone" to being the gateway to the light leading the dead to the next life, spirit has brought the right teachers at the right time to train me to separate spirit from this world and allow it to move onward and forward. It is a gift and duty I don't take lightly as i understand this is not a game, but a battle for what is truly only understood by those higher than us on this living plain of existence.

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While Many See Speaking With a Psychic Medium as Helpful, Supportive, or Even Therapeutic, It must be noted that I am neither a therapist, a doctor, a lawyer, a financial advisor, marriage counselor, nor any other licensed professional who can be hired for legal purposes. By Law I must point out that talking to a psychic medium is for entertainment purposes, but then again, there are many entertaining things in this world that enrich us, provide guidance and support.  It's all in perspective, but for more legal information regarding the psychic services provided on this site, please click the link below.

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