Blue Moon Weaver

Blue Moon Weaver
Shamanic Hypnotherapy &
Holistic Life Coach

Life Coach: Teaching you About you

Identifying What in the Now Feeds Your Drive To Do What You Do


Through discussion, hypnosis, and behavior identification; You and I will identify the trigger and response actions you have that are beneficial, counter productive, or self sabotaging and provide you the space you need to vent, heal, and appreciate all that has made you.

Challenging You To Create Healthier Beliefs and Practices for a Stronger and Pro-Active You


Utilizing hypnosis, guided meditation, planning and scheduling. As well as hands on Jin Shin Jyutsu Light Tough Acu-Pressure, You and I will reprogram and redirect your habits so that they are more self supporting and help you create a support system that will enable your continued growth.

Are You Ready to Succeed?

To Own Your Own Thoughts & to Be a Master of Self


When those old voices say no, your going to be able to say yes. Yes to your new life, your health, your goals, your future. You are your own master!

To Move On With Your Life at Peace With the Past & Yourself


Once the goodbyes are said and forgiveness both given and received, the past become easier to let go as we rise forward into the next chapter.

To Have The Confidence and Drive to Master Your Future


Enhance that spring in your steep, that fire in your eye. Move forward, knowing this is your life and only you can decide what happens next.