Meet Skeeter

Life Coaching With Heart & Laughter


Since I was a little I have traveled about, listening and watching those around me, living and otherwise. Through various teachers, studies, and practices I have slowly collected experiences, lessons and knowledge and have honed it into a working form of Shamanism that respects my teachers, my guides and spirit. I see no experience wasted and the older I get the more grateful I am for my trials and tribulations as they have honed me into the healer I am today.

As a Shamanic Sherpa it is my duty and privileged to guide and aid you through your life's journey as you challenge your old way of living and thinking in order to discover and embrace your true souls calling. Through discussions with spirit, various forms of healing, exercises to challenge you and grow your commitment to self, and other traditional and non-traditional methods, together, you and I will find the true you, with spirits help, and get you back on path. Be you living or be you dead, I promise I will do my best to make sure you are not left behind.

Are You Ready to Succeed?

To Own Your Own Thoughts & to Be a Master of Self


When those old voices say no, your going to be able to say yes. Yes to your new life, your health, your goals, your future. You are your own master!

To Move On With Your Life at Peace With the Past & Yourself


Once the goodbyes are said and forgiveness both given and received, the past become easier to let go as we rise forward into the next chapter.

To Have The Confidence and Drive to Master Your Future


Enhance that spring in your steep, that fire in your eye. Move forward, knowing this is your life and only you can decide what happens next.