Energy Work, Healing Touch, and Massage Therapy

Jin Shin Jyutsu

 A beautiful Japanese art derived from the same philosophical branch as acupuncture & Reiki. Jin Shin Jyutsu uses light touch therapy to aid in guiding you & your energy to regain balance and harmony both within and without. 


Light Touch Energy Therapy From Japan designed to heal and energize by utilizing your energy and that of the universe together for your harmony.

Massgae Therapy

Coming Soon 2019

Chakra Clearing

Like pools in a stream over the course of the seasons, our chakras gather various debris and can be blocked, muddied, or even cut off from the main stream. Allow your guides to aid in clearing them and allowing you to return on course, free to flow as you were meant to.

Spirit Animal Retrieval

Reconnect with your spirit animal guide to aid in your understanding of self, the path that you have traveled thus and and that still ahead of you, and for reassurance of knowing you have someone with you as you move forward with their wisdom and guidance being as much a part of you as the your own DNA.