Crow & Key: Spiritually Guided Life Coach Service

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Erica Keller is joining the Blue Moon Weaver Staff after completing her Bachelors Degree in Metaphysics from the  University of Metaphysics in Sedona, AZ and is bringing 7 years of experience to the company.  For our clients she will be offering Spirit Guided Life Coaching and Tarot Readings. So please help me welcome our newest practitioner.


 "Her tarot readings were truly helpful in sorting out seemingly conflicting feelings and thoughts. I also felt validated by the experience.  I recommend the readings wholeheartedly, to me they are a counseling session. "

Sylvia G.

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Spirit Guided Life Coaching


 Everyone gets lost now and then and sometimes we need a someone to point us in the right direction and encourage us to get moving again.  Let me give you the tools to get you back on track.  

Tarot Reading


 I use Tarot as a tool to give counseling and advise you in your decisions. I am a no nonsense reader and will never tell you what you want to hear. Only what you need to know.