The Necromancer & The Exorcist

The Necromancer

When I was very tiny, I saw my first full bodied apparition as she tended to me after a major surgery, while no one was able to confirm her existence and told me there was no way she could have been there. I remembered vividly her warm hand upon my back and the way she looked. As an adult, looking to make sense of the nonsense I went back to the hospital looking for photos of old nurses until I found her face. It was there amongst the nurses who treated Tuberculosis patients coming in by train to take advantage of the sun and dry air, well before my birth. She was only the first as I became more and more entrenched in a world where I could see the dead and the living, side by side. My gifts have now lead me to be an advocate for the dead. Allowing them their final peace, to connect to the living for support and comfort, and as their gateway between this world and the next.

The Exorcist

In my life I have come to many crossroads where I had to help spirit in order to help myself. From learning to be "the hallow bone" to being the gateway to the light leading the dead to the next life, spirit has brought the right teachers at the right time to train me to separate spirit from this world and allow it to move onward and forward. It is a gift and duty I don't take lightly as i understand this is not a game, but a battle for what is truly only understood by those higher than us on this living plain of existence.

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Our New Location in the Historic Courthouse Square in Downtown Tacoma

It's so exciting to be able to offer our clients this wonderful new location and it's amenities for their enjoyment and comfort. With the main lobby coffee shop, Lift Bridge Coffee, to sit and rest before your session to a wide range of restaurants and services to explore after your time with me, you are all going to love joining me at Courthouse Square

Blue Moon Weaver

1102 A Street, Suite 422, Tacoma, Washington 98402, United States

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Our Home Away From Home

Can't Catch Me in the Office, Then Come Join Me at Crescent Moon Gifts on 6th Ave!

Come enjoy some of my more eclectic gifts with soul journeying, tarot/oracle card reading, psychic medium readings, Jin Shin Jyutsu energy therapy, Past Life Exploration, and Micro-Hypno Recharges! Come visit Skeeter at one of Tacoma's most Fascinating Magical Gift Stores!

Crescent Moon Gifts

2502 6th Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98405, United States

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 7pm

My Training & Education

Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services


Trained in 2018 by  Erika Flint, President and Owner of Cascade  Hypnosis Center and Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified  Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor 

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Jin Shin Jyutsu® - Physio Philosophy, Mary Burmeister and Jiro Murai, Acupressure


My training began Over 7 years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico with  Muriel Carlton for my first 5 day training. Since then I have had the pleasure of studying under Cynthia Broashi & Wayne Hacket. All amazing certified instructors and through their classes I have earned my required hours to practice the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. 

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