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Hey There Hun!


Skeeter’s work in the paranormal is mostly centered around her own paranormal gifts ranging in various Clair-senses, including but not limited to, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Her abilities as an astral or long-distance psychic viewer and her work as a necromancer and medium only add to what she can do to aid both the living and the dead in most situations and as an investigator. She has featured these gifts most recently on Paranormal Vegas with the Rev., The Oracles with James Tyson, and Spaced Out Radio. She currently uses these gifts, plus a menagerie of other talents and skills, on a “free-lance” level to aid private clients and teams seeking her help or skills on both on the supernatural level and as a healer.  She Can Also be found around the Tacoma, WA using her gifts as a seer and healer to help private clients connect, heal, and recover on their soul journey.

Where to Find Me

Private Consultations are by Appointment Only

However, I can be found around town and available for walk-ins at Crescent Moon Gifts on 6th Ave in Tacoma, WA on Tuesdays and Wednesdays offering all of my usual services there!

Blue Moon Weaver @ Crescent Moon Gifts

2502 6th Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98405, United States

(505) 315-5103 for Private Appointment or Call Crescent Moon Gifts at (253) 572-8339 for Walk-In Appointment


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