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Straight Talk & A Great Laugh


Skeeter has been presenting classes on healing, working with spirit through oracle decks, and other classes over the past 3 years at various events such as Oregon Ghost Conference, Puget Sound Pagan Pride, and at various locations in Tacoma, WA. She has been heard on air internationally on Spaced Out Radio and Las Vegas Paranormal with the Rev. Fans admit, “It’s the laugh” when it comes down to why she’s such a favorite of theirs, which is encouraging Skeeter to explore an avenue of “Dead” Stand-up comedy based on her life and experiences as a medium and experiencer.

1st Annual Blue Moon Spirit Festival & Hecate Ball 2020

Blue Moon Sightings

June 2019 Los Angeles, CA


Sept 2019 Phoenix, AZ


Sept 2019 Scottsdale, AZ



Hecate Sickle, Oct 2019, Fort Flagger, WA


October 2019, Los Angeles, CA


2020, Seatle, WA


Topics & Class Samples for Your Organization or Event

Grounding through Healing



Grounding and being able to ground is one of the key elements to healing and learning to focus your energy for self growth and in meditation. In the paranormal field many speak of “grounding” to protect oneself from the influence of outside energy or even other individual energy. But not everyone is able to “just ground” themselves and become flustered because inner peace is eluding them. This class provides attendees the necessary tools to identify the emotional blockers within themselves that are inhibiting their ability to ground and heal themselves.

Getting to the Neutral Ki in the Symphonic Orchestra of Good & Evil


“Is it evil or is it good?” That is the number one question I hear about almost everything not just in the paranormal field, but in many area. Even in the book, Wizard of Oz, the question is asked, “Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?” But what if I was to tell you, from the highest ranking Arch Angel to the Darkest Daemon, that there is no good or evil. That there is no ultimate battle with anything other than that between our own Id, Ego, and Super Ego in an attempt to define our own moral code so we know what’s good and bad for ourselves. And that collectively speaking all energy is neutral ki (energy). In 1993 Skeeter got permission from her high school to do a comparative research paper on the differences between angels and daemons. The paper was intended to be tongue and cheek, but what began as an attempt to ruffle feathers turned into the beginning of a lifelong observation, an observation that the two were indeed mirrors of each other, neither fully good or bad, just fulfilling a purpose. In this talk Skeeter further elaborates on this observation and how in truth these energies, or for that matter, any energy or being, can be seen as both evil and good, depending on perspective. And how her work with the paranormal has only expanded her view to see everything as part of a massive symphonic orchestra where darker deeper vibrating energies are designed to compliment higher lighter vibrations and vice versa, as musical notes would in an elaborate orchestration and that finding the balance her is what opens us to neutral ki, energy without definition, pure in and of itself. Thus stripping the energy of any possible influences and allowing it to just be.

Discovering Your Past Lifes


Take a quick trip down memory lane and discover the purpose and meaning behind past lives while uncovering your own.  This guided group meditation allows participants to discover the path to finding a singular past life while sharing their experiences, questions, and discoveries with the group allowing for an interactive and intriguing discussion on what, why, how and who, in reference to past life retrieval and research.

Special Note: This is best for Groups of 15 or lest and a Time Period of 3-4 hours or more with Breaks due to the amount of interaction required. Participation is Mandatory.