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Welcome to the Crossroads

Your Journey to Your Highest Being, Begins Here

Blue Moon Weaver is Making Some New & Important Changes

Blue Moon Going Into the Cave

 Many years ago, I was taught to go into the woods, to find a cave as the  sun began to set and with just the minimum items for survival, stay  there for a select period of time. Alone with myself and my thoughts and  all that I needed to face there in the shadows of the forest and the  cave. There is little to no sleep allowed, little food provided, and  much one must face within themselves. It's a ritual similar to many  others often refereed to as shamanic death. Blue Moon Weaver will be  entering a period of darkness as we enter the cave, to face our shadows  and learn from the mother and father what is to happen next. I am  blessed to be given this privilege and period of releasing and growth.  Thank you to all who have helped us come this far. 

While this is a literal and metaphoric adventure. Blue Moon Weaver's Service will now only be available online and via phone conference as we return to school full time and advance on other training to become a pagan friendly psychotherapist and grief councilor.  This will be a time consuming process, but we have found through our work that this is a much needed service and will require a fine balancing between what is acceptable professionally and what is needed metaphysically. So please be patient as we advance on this Journey.

Please Note: We Are In Process To Change Our Services to Better Meet the Needs of Our Clients and Community. This Change May Take A While, So Please Be Patient.

Thank You

What is Coming

Death Douala




These Services Are Not Available At This Time During This Transition Period

Grief Counseling


What is Going

Tarot and Psychic Readings


These will no longer be offered along side our professional services. However, you can still find this service on my Facebook page. 

Thank You For Understanding.

The Web Walker Chronicles


While the Birthing Announcements of This Book Series and It's Patron Information Will Remain on this Site for a Bit Longer, We Are Happy To Announce the Books Are Beginning to take on momentum and now Have Their own web page. So be sure to follow along and enjoy as this will no longer be a part of this page once we finish our upgrades here.