What Brings You to the Crossroads?

Self-Forgiveness, Releasing the Past, And Reclaiming Self


Over & Over it is said the path to healing is through forgiving those that affected you & to forgive yourself, but no one actually takes the time to guide you through this healing process so that you can benefit from it as much as possible. Blue Moon Weaver offers you many ways to make this process work for you in the most caring and comforting way possible.

Spiritual Guidance & Life Path Direction


There is so much more out there beyond us, guiding us, and trying to connect us to our highest self. Give your guides and angels a chance to show you the road map to your next destination.

Holistic Self Care & Energy Therapy


Your path to self care and relaxation begins here. Whether as an add on to current health services or as an independent treat to self, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a wonderful Japanese Art to add to your self care regimen that only deepens and enhances everything else you are doing for your higher self.

Past Life & Memory Retrieval


So many things make up who you are; your family, your friends, work, school, and even the music you listen to.  So many things leave their mark on the tapestry of your life. However there are somethings you can't quite remember, things that are tucked away or that are so faded you can't quite make out the details. Blue Moon Weaver helps you to reclaim those faded memories and to make sense of them as they apply to you here in this moment.

Blue Moon Sightings

June 2019 Los Angeles, CA


Sept 2019 Phoenix, AZ


Sept 2019 Scottsdale, AZ



Hecate Sickle, Oct 2019, Fort Flagger, WA


October 2019, Los Angeles, CA


2020, Seatle, WA