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Tristan David Luciotti


Tristan David Luciotti is a Usui Ryoho & Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Angel Oracle Card Reader, certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, and Law of Attraction Life Coach. Since 2013, he has practiced intention and manifestation methods with significant results.
Tristan is also the painter behind Arcadia Art - Crystal Reiki Paintings.
In addition, Tristan is a filmmaker, the founder of Vision8Studio LLC, and member of the Vision Collective. His documentary film: All Around Us - Inside the Life of Psychic Medium Seth Michael premiered March 2019 at the Oregon Ghost Conference.  


James Tyson

 James Tyson is a Radio Host, Actor, Producer, Speaker, Intuitive Empath,  Paranormal Investigator and previously the weekend host on the old  “Spaced Out Radio”.   James is a retired  peace officer and Corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and  experienced working across Canada on some on the nation's worst killers  and organized crime figures.

James didn't really know he was  much different to the other kids as a young child.   His experiences  included:  Far off voices, shadow figures, full apparition, and unusual  dream states, James believed everyone was like him.  Everything became  full circle when he became aware of his empath abilities as a Canadian  police officer.     As an investigator,  he had never heard the term  Empath.   While working on cases,   he became entirely bonded with  defendants and plaintiffs.  In each case,  he had a unique ability to  solve a crime through deep empathic connections with both the accused  and victims alike.  James had a natural ability to garner confessions  through some deep connection with his clients while understanding their  innermost thoughts and feelings.

In 2012,  James was introduced  to a psychic to help him understand more about the challenges he faced  as a peace officer.   It was at this time he was told how an Empath  could relate to all he had seen and felt throughout his life.  He does  not claim to know it all but rather,   "let's try to experience new  things together".   His motto,  "Perhaps we can all learn from each  other's experiences".

James goal is to continue to learn, seek  out new experiences and dive deep into the unknown.   He enjoys  “the  interview” and allows his guest to feel at ease.   His “love” is to open  up his listeners minds to endless possibilities.  James has a unique  style and legendary dark humor will keep you coming back for more!

 James is currently involved in several films and will be podcasting  interviews weekly. His will also be traveling through North America and  abroad and share his experiences and inquire about yours!  

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Skeeter Welhouse


A Jack of Many Trades, Skeeter is considered the "Swiss-Army Knife" of Psychic Mediums. Her skills as a Hypnotist, Shamanic Sherpa, and Psychic Medium allows her to zoom in on your specific thread on the "Web", a force that ties humanity and the universe together, identify your immediate needs of what in your past is holding you back, what you can do next to claim the life you desire, and to achieve your goals. So Sit back, relax, and check out the thrill of hypnosis as it empowers you to go back through your timeline(s) and into your subconscious mind as you journey to rediscover your core-self! Reclaim yourself and let spirit lead you onto your next highest path! This ain't your typical “Coming to the Crossroads” intervention, this is what happens when you sit before The Hypnotist & The Necromancer.
Welcome to the Crossroads! Where will your journey take you?
Skeeter has been Working with Spirit, the paranormal and the web since the age of 22 months and has accumulated a collection of near death, paranormal, and other unexplained experiences that have pushed, pulled, and shaped her into the Hypnotist,  Medium and Healer she is today.