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Specials For the New Year!

Past Life Regression

What lessons from the past would most benefit you now? What does your soul self have to say about where you are on your path as we go into the new year?

 $75 for 1 hour Court House Office Consultation From Nov 23rd Until Dec 31st, 2018 

New Year, New You: Life Coach / Hypnotherapy Sessions

Are you ready to let loose the old and embrace the new? Then take advantage of this special which enables you with the skills of Self Hypnosis, Vision Board Planning, And Goal Setting Skills to help enable you to become the best you possible.

Total 5 Sessions @ $150 per Session

 (That's a $100 savings per session)

Only Available @ Court House Office Consultation From Nov 23rd Until Dec 31st, 2018 

Life Spread Tarot Card Reading

What do your guides and the cards have in store for you this New Year? What lessons await? Is there Love to be had? Are you ready for an Upgrade and what will it do for you? All these and so many more questions answered?

$75 for 1 hour Phone/Court House Office Consultation From Nov 23rd Until Dec 31st, 2018

What Brings You to the Crossroads?

Forgive & Release

Over & Over it is said the path to healing is through forgiving those that affected you & to forgive yourself, but no one actually takes the time to guide you through this healing process so that you can benefit from it as much as possible. Blue Moon Weaver offers you many ways to make this process work for you in the most caring and comforting way possible.

Addiction & Behavior

Addiction & Behavior are complicated issues to face. Even with all the programs out there, it continues to be an uphill struggle. Allow Blue Moon Weaver to guide you to not just the root of the issue(s), but to the very seeds that started it all. That way you don't have to keep looking for the why, but so that you can now focus on the what next in your life.

Past Life & Memory Retrieval

So many things make up who you are; your family, your friends, work, school, and even the music you listen to.  So many things leave their mark on the tapestry of your life. However there are somethings you can't quite remember, things that are tucked away or that are so faded you can't quite make out the details. Blue Moon Weaver helps you to reclaim those faded memories and to make sense of them as they apply to you here in this moment.

Beyond Our Day to Day Lives

"It's hard to explain."

"I can't wrap my head around it."

"No one would believe me if I told them."

Blue Moon Weaver has been working in the paranormal field proffesionally for nearly a decade now and has been involved in it for far longer than that. You have question and need answers, we're here to listen and do what we can to help.

Holistic Energy Therapy

Your path to self care and relaxation begins here. Whether as an add on to current health services or as an independent treat to self, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a wonderful Japanese Art to add to your self care regimen that only deepens and enhances everything else you are doing for your higher self.

Spiritual Guidance & Life Path Direction

There is so much more out there beyond us, guiding us, and trying to connect us to our highest self. Give your guides and angels a chance to show you the road map to your next destination.

Blue Moon Spirit Festival & Hecate Ball: Where the Paranormal & Metaphysical Merry Meet Oct 4-6 2019

What Tools Will You Utilize on Your Journey

Shamanic Journey

Stand beside your guides and discover who you were, where you are meant to be, and meet those who stand beside in spirit and beyond.

Past Life Regression, Spirit Animal Retrieval, Memory Recall, Soul Retrieval

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Together we can open the doors to self recovery and discovery as you advance on your path to rising up to your nest highest level of potential.  

Specializing in Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Loss, and Phobias. Together, we'll utilize a combination of 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis, 5th  Path® Hypnosis and a touch of Jin Shin Jyutsu. 

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

  A beautiful Japanese art derived from the same philosophical branch as acupuncture & Reiki. Jin Shin Jyutsu uses light touch therapy to aid in guiding you & your energy to regain balance and harmony both within and without.  

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The Necromancer & The Exorcist

Take a walk through the veil and connect with those on the other side. As long as your willing to listen, there is much to be shared. 

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Guide at the Crossroads

This isn't your normal "Life Coach" experience. Find out where things got off track, get that boost to your confidence you've been needing and discover what your true, highest soul calling truly is.

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It's Time To Begin Your Journey Today

   As a Shamanic Sherpa and Hypnotherapist, it is my duty to aid you &  guide you on this path to a higher knowing of your true self & to  help you through the healing process so you can get there stronger,  wiser, & more confident. 

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Skeeter  helped me so much this week in dealing with the death of my friend's  son. I am also a medium, but I was too close to the situation to be able  to reliably bring through the soul of my dear friend's young son. He  died at age 24 and I didn't know many details. Skeeter corroborated what  I knew and brought through many details that only a very skilled medium  would be able to pick up. She is a very loving and compassionate person  and great at what she does! I am so thankful that I met her just by  chance that day and she helped me in such a beautiful

~Mari Skelly 

I had a reading with skeeter during a rough time in my life and It is something ill always remember. She made me feel relaxed and at ease from the moment I sat down .

There was a lot of sadness in my life for a long time after  a loved one passed unexpectedly and I truly believe that he was right next to me that night and I am so thankful to Skeeter for helping him to come through and assuring me that i was going to be OK .

She said things about my family members on the other side and
Everything She said was spot on and it all made sense.

I left feeling amazed, and like a weight had been lifted from me

Skeeter is awsome 

~ Mary Zimmerman 

 Everyone in the field of paranormal research and the like, need to have  their own Blue Moon Weaver. Since a lot of them don't have one, I'll  share mine! My good friend Skeeter Welhouse, my Blue Moon Weaver, has  become  an invaluable tool for me when I just can't quite get a handle on  exactly what is going on at a haunted location or, if I cannot get to  the location in person. Her gifts as a remote viewer are second to none  and truly a blessing. I have been able to bring  closure to many cases her and I have worked together and I'm looking  forward to many more opportunities to work with her. 

Thank you for  everything Skeeter, God Bless, Rev. Shawn Whittington.  (The Ministry) and Host of Vegas Supernatural Radio  Show. 

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Talking the Talk and Waking the Walk, That's what it's all about right? Catch Skeeter at her Latest Gig or Better yet Book Her For Yours!

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Meet Blue Moon Weaver's Skeeter

The Gal Behind the Giggle!

 While “Jack of Many Trades” is a good start, Skeeter prefers working under the titles of Shamanic Sherpa, Healer, and Psychic Medium. She has been interacting with the paranormal on a personal level for as long as she can remember and has been professionally working in the paranormal field as a researcher and medium over the past 7-8 years. In New Mexico she had the pleasure of working with Purple Sage Paranormal and Paranormal New Mexico Association and up in the Pacific Northwest she has enjoyed freelancing with various groups but is best known for her work with Spaced Out Radio and The Oracles with James Tyson. 

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Web Walker Book Series & Blog

A fantasy based historical fiction series centered around the memories of Skeeter's own past lives and the histories of her spirit guides creating a story through time through the eyes of the Guardians, keepers of the universe and it's secrets and their particular roles in our galaxy's evolution and eventual demise. Step out on the Web of Universal Consciousness that connects us all to witness history the way it really was, perceived to be and possibly will be.

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The Web Walker Chronicles

Working with past lives and the paranormal, it's only rational that I would  be curious about my own path and past journeys. As a result I have been writing bits and pieces of these past lives their role in the creation of the history and mythology we know and don't know and their place in accordance to the beginning of it all. Join the guardians and gods of old as they share the story and history of the web that binds us all.

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