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Shamanic Services

Working closely with the guides & spirits around me, I utilize my gifts as a Necromancer & Shaman to become the bridge between worlds.  As such I am able to communicate with spirit, provide mediation between the living and dead, provide healing & sacred space clearing to those needing guidance and assistance.


Coming June 2018

Psychic Medium

My talents allow me to traverse the Universal Web that unites not just the living & the spirits of our known world, but those of all worlds & timelines. Allowing me to provide you with insight to your past, present & future as directed by your Angels & Guides. Allowing me to guide you to to the path leading to your Highest Self and Destiny.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

A beautiful Japanese art derived from the same philosophical branch as acupuncture & Reiki. Jin Shin Jyutsu uses light touch therapy to aid in guiding you & your energy to regain balance and harmony both within and without.

Life Coach

There is more to life than planning ahead. It's going back in tie, gleaning the wisdom from our life experiences and lessons and honing that wisdom into the light that will guide us forward. Who you were yesterday leads to the person you will become tomorrow. Allow me to show you the most prosperous and healing way to marry the two into your true one self.

Herbal Teas and Appothacary

Coming January 2019

Additional Services

Public Speaking , Classes & Event Hosting

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